Get invested in your local food system


Invest in building an economy based on principles of soil fertility, sense of place, care of the commons, and economic, cultural and biological diversity.

Slow Money provides a meaningful alternative to our current financial system that has run amok – trillions of dollars a day flowing through capital markets in securities that no one fully understands, contributing to systemic problems of our time.

What does Slow Money mean?

Investing in real places, in people and enterprises close to home.
Investing patiently, over time, with a goal of building healthy enterprises, communities and ecosystems, not just extracting financial wealth.
Measuring Return on Investment by the tangible world we create around us and the health of our soil, not just the profit we make.
Providing balance to the Fast Money we’ve been investing to maximize profit at all costs.

How we work: Inspire. Connect. Invest.

Inspire. The Entrepreneur Showcase aims to inspire participants by presenting a juried selection of 10 sustainable food and farming businesses serving the Northern California foodshed.
Connect. Our showcases connect entrepreneurs to companies providing information, products and support to sustainable food and farming businesses.
Invest. Slow Money aims to spark a range of investment conversations, helping develop unique funding relationships for sustainable food and farming businesses.